North and South


A MAN applied for the post of geography teacher at a school in Northampton and was invited for an interview. When he didn’t show, the headmaster phoned him on his mobile half an hour later to find out what had become of him.

“Oh,” the man said, “I’m a bit lost. I can’t find you.”

“Where are you now?” asked the headmaster.

“I’m just outside the Ferry Terminal.”

“The Ferry Terminal? Northampton’s land-locked. Are you sure you got off at the right station?”

“Well, I came from London early this morning. When I got to Southampton, I thought if I just crossed the footbridge over to Northampton, I could just jump in a taxi. So I did. But he let me off here instead. I think I’ve been had. I’m so sorry about this but I’m completely lost.”

“Let me get this straight,” said the headmaster. “You got off the train at Southampton?”

“Yes, then I crossed over to the other side. Northampton.”

“I don’t understand, you’re a couple of hundred miles away. They’re different towns. They’re not even in the same county.”

Long pause … “Oh dear, how did that happen? I’m so sorry. Would you like to reschedule the interview for another day?”

“Erm. no. I’ll have a chat with my secretary. We’ll call you. You have a nice day now.”


Copyright (c) M K MacInnes

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  1. Great story. I have heard of North Americans thinking along these lines, but never someone from London.


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