A Prayer for the Young


I DREAM of a world where material wealth and power do not rest in the hands of the few, where people are judged not by how much beauty or wealth they have but by their ability to enhance the lives of those around them through their deeds. I dream of a world where the accumulation of money and resources for its own sake is seen as downright odd.

I wish for a world where every man, woman and child has everything they need, not just to survive but to thrive, where how people choose to make a living is dictated not by the promise of a huge salary but by the things they are passionate about and the potential contribution they will make to society. I wish for a world where people eat to live, not just for the hell of it – and they buy houses as homes, not investments.

I believe in a world where the wanton destruction of the Earth for a few scraps of gold is regarded as insane and humanity works with instead of against her. In this reality, we stopped thinking of colonising other worlds a long time ago so that we could learn to look after our own.

I imagine a world where no-one has dominion over another and service to others is by choice not by expectation. In my world, those who are vulnerable or in need are free from exploitation or abuse and every man, woman and child is at liberty to fulfil their own destiny free of the labels assigned to them from birth.

I yearn for a world where people procreate in order to create the best possible future for their kids, not to increase their own standing. In such a world, it doesnโ€™t occur to anyone to have children until they know they are ready for the responsibility.

Above all, I live for a world that shows our children the value of mutual respect. A world that teaches them to expect nothing and to appreciate everything. To think for themselves and not to put blind faith in institutions or corporations or the media. In this reality, we can see through smoke and mirrors without the use of an app and do not wait for others to tell us what to think.

So let it be.


  1. leleharris says:

    Beautiful and very well written. And I believe this too shall come to pass. Stay blessed & stay encouraged ๐ŸŒธ


    1. mkmacinnes says:

      Thank you for your kind words. I believe it is very close, even though listening to the news it doesn’t seem like we will ever get there. Blessings to you too ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. kutukamus says:

    ..Of living the values, for a better world ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. All is well. There are no failures.
    Lovely writing by the way …

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  4. pythoblack says:

    Actually, once I understood that the universe is full of consciousness, I realized that “humanity” has enslaved all of nature for its selfish needs and purposes. But the whole of a person’s career, or a soul’s career, is just to be truly and authentically “conscious.” It sounds pretty deliberately cryptic, but makes you think.


    1. mkmacinnes says:

      I totally agree with being authentically ‘conscious’. It will be interesting to see where coronavirus takes us, now that fewer people have a choice but to engage with their inner selves.


  5. pythoblack says:

    Your wish is important to me. But, then, there are so many other people’s wishes. As for my own, I want to not want anything, because desires have their own gravity. It’s as if, beliefs are balls and chains. Good luck with your writing, you are pretty good, and I cannot foresee how it will all turn out. Tell stories that exist for a reason beyond the stories themselves. The only judge of their significance, effectiveness, and quality and worth, in the end, must be you yourself, and laugh when you are compared to others. “Others” exist for you to teach and entertain, or for you to avoid and blow the minds of. They have less worth and meaning as audiences and sources of income.


    1. mkmacinnes says:

      Many thanks for your thoughts, some of which are timely and answer a question. You are right about beliefs, things just are what they are.


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