A Prayer for the Young 2020

PRAYER for the Young was a piece I wrote in 2016. It was more of a wish list of how I wanted the world to be. Since then much has already changed in a very short space of time, while in other ways, same old, same old. I thought I might read through it again to compare my thoughts then to the way things are now, on the off-chance that I might be able to cross something off the list.

Sadly, no chance, albeit that we are moving in the right direction. One thing’s for sure, though, deep down every man and his dog knows that we have crossed a threshold, and while we have seen the worst of humanity, the best of who we are has been to the fore. Now, regardless of colour, creed, nationality, economic status, gender, ability or political persuasion, the only binary choice we have to make is whether to operate from a position of Love or Fear.

A Prayer for the Young – original article

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