View from a Clifftop

WHEN I reeased the first instalment of my memoir three weeks ago, I was already in a quandary. I had two selling points (USPs): one the story itself, the other the identity of my master catalyst. The latter was always going to be the bigger draw in the longer term but I was wedded to relying on the strength of the story alone to make the first few sales; the secondary selling point would come into play all by itself thereafter, whether I liked it or not. Each USP brought with it two diametrically-opposing audiences – theoretically at least, my target market would require very little explanation of what they were reading, while the mainstream end of the spectrum might get the wrong end of the stick entirely.

I won’t bore you with the details but in the end, the diminutive size of my offering as an unknown author on a single platform, with no reviews, turned out to be a bigger barrier than I thought. And I guess in the middle of a pandemic, people want to know what they’re letting themselves in for, assuming they still have enough disposable income to indulge their reading habits.

Now, after two weeks of trying to figure out how to salvage this and coming close to throwing in the towel, reality dictates I just have to grit my teeth and jump – again – only this time like I mean it. This means exploiting both my USPs.

So go ahead, click on FREE PREVIEW below, then check out the dedication (if it starts further on, you might have to rewind to the second page). If your interest isn’t piqued at that point, then at least I’ve done everything in my power. And if you do read on, a tasteful review once you’ve wrapped your head round it would be most gratefully appreciated.

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