Truth or Dare :: intro

I’m running out of ideas for my blog and social media, so over the next few weeks I’m going to experiment with a little Truth or Dare.

The questions will be quite searching, maybe even a little dark on occasion. The idea is to have some fun but at the same time it has a therapeutic purpose to it. The beauty of it is that, being online, you won’t have a gun to your head – participation is optional. The dares will be tongue in cheek, not to be taken literally (unless you want to consult your doctor/therapist first – LOL!).

Questions will be posted here and to my:

  • Facebook page (M K MacInnes)
  • Facebook profile (Morgan K MacInnes)
  • Twitter (@mkmacinnes)
  • Instagram (@mkmacinnes).

If you’d like to take part but prefer a more closed environment, please feel free to send a friend request to Morgan K MacInnes (this is my creative not personal profile), where my privacy settings will default to Friends only. The majority of my friends on that account are a pretty open-minded bunch with an interest in psychology.

if there are any holes in my cunning plan, I am sure you will let me know.

He he …


  1. nandumenon says:

    😘 sounds nightmarish and exciting at the same time


    1. mkmacinnes says:

      It’s not that bad … he he 🙂


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