The Quandary

I’ve sweated these past few days about how to write this post. I had intended to attempt to justify the course of action I am about to take, before then realising that I didn’t have to explain myself at all. Firstly, the circumstances that led me to this juncture are too complex to pack intoContinue reading “The Quandary”

The Power of Suggestion

MANY full moons ago, in Ninety-eight or thereabouts, I stumbled on a late-night episode of Dark Skies. In those days, The X-Files was more my thing – Dark Skies was just a little too dark for my liking. I was just about to flip the channel yet again when I realised that the main female characterContinue reading “The Power of Suggestion”


IT BEGAN with a kiss. Not a passionate embrace but a soft brush on the cheek. The feeling of warmth and love from an old friend lingered on beyond the dream and well into the following days … Like a little seed, the feeling grew and grew until I longed to be with my oldContinue reading “Kiss”

Brothers in Arms

TO THE strains of Dire Straits, I am surrounded by battle in its last throes, a sea of mud everywhere. These fields of destruction, baptisms of fire, I’ve witnessed your suffering, every man has to die … But not just yet. A trapped horseman is pulled from between his fallen mount and the mire. Am I theContinue reading “Brothers in Arms”

The Sarah Connor Complex

MILLENNIUM Fever was in full swing and it seemed that every man and his dog expected a cataclysm of one description or another by the time the year was out. And just to make sure that even the most logical-minded got sucked in, there was Y2K. Although steering clear of prophecies or New World OrderContinue reading “The Sarah Connor Complex”

THE LOST SECRET – 8-16 October 2012

EVEN before I switched the TV back on to find respite from my reeling mind, I knew that I was about to be confronted with a Gerard Butler movie. Which one was it going to be? Ah, The Ugly Truth. Now there’s a surprise. * * * * * * IN AND out of aContinue reading “THE LOST SECRET – 8-16 October 2012”

The Lost Secret – first Amazon review

“I got this first two chapters just to check it out and wow! it hooked me from the get-go. I definitely want to see where this book goes! It’s like a dreamscape, where you are almost awake but still dreaming and thinking “Wait! Wait! What was that?” In other words, I am loving it andContinue reading “The Lost Secret – first Amazon review”

View from a Clifftop

WHEN I reeased the first instalment of my memoir three weeks ago, I was already in a quandary. I had two selling points (USPs): one the story itself, the other the identity of my master catalyst. The latter was always going to be the bigger draw in the longer term but I was wedded toContinue reading “View from a Clifftop”

Coming to Amazon 16 July 2020

The long wait is nearly over … VIEWED as a case study in archetypal psychology, this brave and frank memoir explores the role of consciousness in shaping our destinies, backing up Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell’s insights into the very essence of the human and universal psyche. As a piece of storytelling alone, THE LOSTContinue reading “Coming to Amazon 16 July 2020”

Reality check 2020

WHEN I published my first short story collection, Close Call: Short and Bittersweet, I dedicated it to ‘the two Gerries, without the shadow of whose memory this my first book would never have seen the light of day’. My brother asked me who the other Gerry was and I told him it was a referenceContinue reading “Reality check 2020”