Thank God it’s FRIDAY!

  circa 1989 THE FRIDAY feeling was no different to that of any other Friday. Nothing out of the ordinary, just pretty much the same old, same old at the Fontainebleau office and an eagerness to get out of there as fast as was humanly possible. I was off the train and back in myContinue reading “Thank God it’s FRIDAY!”

Stranger than fiction

BOXING DAY 2014. As usual the telly is crap. Flicking through the mindless list of channels, we finally stumble across Jonathan Creek and I declare “Aha!”. Since it was once rather compelling, it is logical to think that it might still be, even if we are about to watch a repeat. However, as we become drawn into the clever weave of mystery andContinue reading “Stranger than fiction”

As The Crow Flies

MIDNIGHT had long passed and it was raining hard. Visibility was limited to that which was illuminated by the bright flecks of driving rain caught in the beam of the headlights. All else was black. The dance was now a distant memory. Despite the conditions and a bloodstream full of whisky, the man in theContinue reading “As The Crow Flies”

The Visitation

Wee Willie Winkie runnin’ through the toon, Upstairs doonstairs in his nichtie-goon, Chapping at the windaes, peekin’ through the locks, Are a’ the children in their beds, it’s past eight o’clock. (slightly customised version of Scottish nursery rhyme – Wee Willie Winkie is the Scottish equivalent of the Sandman) I THE NIGHT began just likeContinue reading “The Visitation”

High Altar

A LONG long time ago in a far off town, some friends and I were invited to a swanky party at an abandoned Victorian monastery that had been converted into a corporate events venue. Rumour had it that back in the day the monks used to run their own moonshine. II ON FINDING ourselves aContinue reading “High Altar”

Who needs drugs?

Let’s go on a day trip. To the country?’ No, not exactly. We just nip to the place where the very walls vibrate their way from being oh-so-matter-of-factly Georgian and into a realm of bristling auras and dizzy spells and sages who know there’s a very fine line between heaven and hell. . The BeastContinue reading “Who needs drugs?”

The Power of Suggestion

MANY full moons ago, in Ninety-eight or thereabouts, I stumbled on a late-night episode of Dark Skies. In those days, The X-Files was more my thing – Dark Skies was just a little too dark for my liking. I was just about to flip the channel yet again when I realised that the main female characterContinue reading “The Power of Suggestion”


IT BEGAN with a kiss. Not a passionate embrace but a soft brush on the cheek. The feeling of warmth and love from an old friend lingered on beyond the dream and well into the following days … Like a little seed, the feeling grew and grew until I longed to be with my oldContinue reading “Kiss”

Brothers in Arms

TO THE strains of Dire Straits, I am surrounded by battle in its last throes, a sea of mud everywhere. These fields of destruction, baptisms of fire, I’ve witnessed your suffering, every man has to die … But not just yet. A trapped horseman is pulled from between his fallen mount and the mire. Am I theContinue reading “Brothers in Arms”

The Sarah Connor Complex

MILLENNIUM Fever was in full swing and it seemed that every man and his dog expected a cataclysm of one description or another by the time the year was out. And just to make sure that even the most logical-minded got sucked in, there was Y2K. Although steering clear of prophecies or New World OrderContinue reading “The Sarah Connor Complex”