About me

I HAVE been a writer for as long as I remember. Only thing was, I got drawn in to doing everything else in life except for the one thing I truly loved. It’s been quite a rollercoaster.

Three things had to happen. One, I had to learn how to write and get published. I read the Writers and Artists Yearbook cover to cover as far back as the late nineties. Thinking of myself as a writer and getting workable ideas together has taken me years to achieve. Finally, I had to bite the bullet and – come hell or high water – get off the hamster wheel that has kept me from achieving my dreams. I came so close fourteen years ago …. now that’s a story in itself.

So here I am at the ready. I have acquired the full range of skills, I have the will and determination, and I have finally found the window of opportunity and the courage that has eluded me for so long. And best of all the magical mystery tour that took me away from my heart’s desire has burgeoned into a story worth telling. Twenty-five years ago, I knew I wanted to be a writer but didn’t yet ‘have a book in me’. Now I have. And the rest.

April 2015
last updated July 2020

About this site

Hard to miss the blog format on my home page, but I am by no means a blogger …

Most of my blog posts are snappy short stories drawn from personal experience. My ONLINE SHORTS page lists four slightly unconventional longer ones. I have also dedicated two pages to self-published books, Close Call: Short and Bittersweet and The Lost Secret, both available via Amazon.

Once I am done with my own memoirs, I will be on the hunt for other inspirational soul journeys, so I have included a description of what GHOSTWRITING entails.

Talking of inner journeys, since PSYCHOSYNTHESIS is a major theme in my work, I have devoted an entire page to signposting readers who are interested in finding out more about it.

Meanwhile, the NEWSLETTER sign-up page is there to allow readers of The Lost Secret to keep up to date with the latest exclusive material and plot twists.

And finally, my CONTACT page, as well as the usual, includes a Paypal link, on the off-chance that my online shorts are deemed worthy of a small donation.

last updated February 2021


  1. frenchc1955 says:

    thank you for following my blog!


  2. Emah Sarah says:

    Love your flow with words…


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