The Magic Potion

THERE once lived a man who had a skinful of whisky and fell asleep in his armchair. His wife had long gone to bed, leaving all three bars of the electric fire on. When the man spluttered himself awake in the wee small hours, he became aware of an excruciating sensation in the inside of his left shinContinue reading “The Magic Potion”

The Visitation

Wee Willie Winkie runnin’ through the toon, Upstairs doonstairs in his nichtie-goon, Chapping at the windaes, peekin’ through the locks, Are a’ the children in their beds, it’s past eight o’clock. (slightly customised version of Scottish nursery rhyme – Wee Willie Winkie is the Scottish equivalent of the Sandman) I THE NIGHT began just likeContinue reading “The Visitation”

The Lab

  DEEP in the forest lay a pharmaceutical testing facility. Its location was once a secret but it was common knowledge now that many sentient beings of the four-legged variety went in and never came out. Leading away from the bars of the massive steel gate and between an avenue of conifers was a roadContinue reading “The Lab”

Reality check November 2015

THIRTEEN months ago, I was in the first stages of setting up my online presence as a newly self-employed ‘writer/ghostwriter’ and my first collection of short stories, Close Call: Short and Bittersweet. Woo hoo! My intention was that by the end of 2015, I would be well on my way to becoming the next J KContinue reading “Reality check November 2015”

Foot in Mouth II

TODAY was the infamous Black Friday, the one everybody was talking about last year … the one that should never have happened … Prior to leaving the house that morning, I had endured a headful of it on the news and social media. Supermarkets all over the UK had descended into anarchy. Tesco’s in particular had grabbed the headlines. Scenes ofContinue reading “Foot in Mouth II”

Thank God it’s FRIDAY!

 THE FRIDAY feeling was no different to that of any other Friday. Nothing out of the ordinary, just pretty much the same old, same old at the Fontainebleau office and an eagerness to get out of there as fast as was humanly possible. I was off the train and back in my hovel of aContinue reading “Thank God it’s FRIDAY!”

Le Piroquet

THE SEARING Marseilles heat was a welcome change from the clinging smell of autumnal mildew that permeated Paris of an evening. It was morning, dawn but a distant memory for the flora and the fauna encircling my bedroom window. The sun already seemed high and there wasn’t a cloud in sight. I had just opened theContinue reading “Le Piroquet”

When life imitates fiction II

There’s nothing holding the plane together and Leslie Nielsen is in the next seat. What now? “ … WHILE the stewardesses were dishing out the meals, I had seized the opportunity to get a sneaky peek at Mister Nielsen. However, the waft of musk emanating from the scarved bosom of the overgrown Girl Guide leaningContinue reading “When life imitates fiction II”

When life imitates fiction I

The evening started so well. Like a fairytale it was … “… I LEGGED it at the next stop … Giving nothing away until the last possible moment, I attached myself to a small group of people in order to make my escape. Even as I dashed along the platform, I took a backward glance, onlyContinue reading “When life imitates fiction I”

How to confound a serial killer …

A zipped up the back young woman arrives in Paris late at night only to be confronted with her worst nightmare … “… I LAID it on thick with as much Teuchter bullshit as I could possibly muster. The Loch Ness Monster, wild haggis as an endangered species, haunted castles, anything I could think ofContinue reading “How to confound a serial killer …”